Memoirs of a Doctor, by Dr Andrew C S Koh

A colourful, truthful, and insightful journey into the life of a person who became a cardiologist through divine providence. 

A panoramic transformation of a village boy into a city doctor in the world of unending struggles, expectations, and stressful pressures. A book of great relief and comfort for the soul. 

A glimpse of life through the years in a short, loveable, and easy-to-read book, reminiscing about life in cities and villages of Malaysia before the arrival of social media. The author’s varied experiences as a government, private, and military physician were a novelty in itself.

An invitation for readers to emulate the author’s footsteps to succeed in life professionally and spiritually. 

A sweet and colourful life scripted by God without the author’s knowledge.

The author shared stories about his childhood, education, a career in different towns, marriage, family, loss of friends, close encounters with paralysis, travel, and most of all his love for the Bible. The memoirs included some of his personal poems with the latest one about the Covid 19 pandemic. Underlining the memoirs is his faithfulness to God, and living out a productive and impactful life. At the end of the book, you will find that God has been his faithful guide and shield all through his life.

An extraordinary roller coaster journey of faith through the time tunnel of history from 1952 to 2020 from Malaysia across continents. 

An excellent life story defining significant times such as childhood and adolescence and the times he was touched by the grace of God. An interesting book, full of the spices of life, touching sad, and sweet reminiscences of his past that will stir the heart of any reader. A delightful book interspersed with sweet little poems here and there. Passionate touches of God in his life will give readers great inspiration and encouragement to strive on.

An inspiring and encouraging masterpiece was presented enthusiastically. 

A story from the 1950 before automation, industrialization, computerization, and social media, when life and communication was really slow. A narrative span of 68 years in 8 chapters, culminating in the author’s near-death experience in 2020 which jump-started his writing career to become an author of 28 books in 2 years. 

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Dr. Andrew C S Koh

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